Powerbanks popularity

Power banks are very popular in Asia and Europe but why aren't they as popular in the US if we are more smart phone friendly. The answer is transportation; not a lot of cities in United States are transportation friendly so this allow a vast amount of population to spend a 25 % amount of time daily in their vehicles which means and alternate power source to charge our phones. 

I feel that we all need a Power Bank and i know the popularity of power banks is increasing dramatically. We never know when we might need charge for our phones never the less in an emergency situation having low battery can be horrible. I invite all of you to invest in a Power Bank, i can guarantee you'll thank me later.

by Harvey P.

Posted on August 18, 2014 .

Why are we so dependent of our phones ?

Throughout many years of evolving technology the smart phone has tremendously impacted our generation. It's said that almost 91% of adults own a mobile cellphone. So can we say this is progress? Some people see it as progress others as a trap. I think it also depends on the user and what is the purpose of the use. Great business man depend on their phones because it allows them to have it in the commodity of their pocket, while other photograph enthusiasm have a camera in their pocket at all times. Social media is a tool that can hurt us and at the same time can help us. Most catastrophic events are communicated via social media and its a good way to transmit news from any part of the globe. Now on a bad note, about an 80% off young teens and young adults spend tremendously amount of time in these social media pages. Some of them use social media to share experiences and to communicate with their peers while others use it to harm people.

Why are we so dependent of our phones ? because they simply make our life's easier. Can you imagine yourself lost at night in a town that you have never been before? Scary right!!! but now with our phones and all these technological apps that are invading our world anything is possible. In conclusion, never leave your house without your phone at 100% battery or with your phone charger.

By Harvey P.


Posted on August 14, 2014 .